“Irregular Arrival” float

USAY folks working hard for the installation tomorrow

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Coming up soon! Talk by Renisa Mawani – The Komagata Maru, Anticoloniality, and the Itinerant Politics of Indigeneity

The Komagata Maru, Anticoloniality, and the Itinerant Politics of Indigeneity

Renisa Mawani, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia 

As we mark the centenary of the Komagata Maru’s arrival in Vancouver Harbor, the ship continues to be remembered primarily as an apogee of Canadian exclusion. As important as this historical narrative is in illuminating Canada’s long history of legalized racism and its ongoing politics of settler colonialism, the ship’s journey, I argue, must also be viewed as a global voyage that facilitated new entanglements between imperial jurisdictions. As the ship crisscrossed the Pacific and Indian Oceans it engendered connections between India, the Dominions, and other British colonies. Importantly, its voyage galvanized support from British Indians across the empire, most notably in India and South Africa. Drawing from my book, Across Oceans of Law, this talk foregrounds one effect of the Komagata Maru’s journey: the emergence of a transnational anticoloniality that engendered a global and itinerant politics of indigeneity.

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Other Komagata Maru Events by SALSA @ Osgoode

  • March 10 – 15: The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada’s Komagata Maru Collection will be on display at Osgoode Hall Law School.
  • Monday, March 10: Continuous Journey, an award winning documentary on the episode will be screened, followed by a Q+A session with Ali Kazimi.
  • Tuesday, March 11: University of Toronto Professor Audrey Macklin will deliver a lecture entitled Getting to We: The Komagata Maru, the Unmaking of Empire and the Making of a Settler Society, placing the episode in Canada’s broader immigration history and connecting it to current immigration policy.
  • Wednesday, March 12: Pardeep Nagra, Executive Director of the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada, will lecture on the history of Sikhs in Canada, with specific reference to the Komagata Maru Episode.
  • Thursday, March 13: Former Premier of British Columbia, The Honourable Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh PC QC, will explain why he opposes government apologies for historical wrongs perpetrated against cultural communities in Canada (sponsored by the Osgoode Alumni Association).

@salsaosgoode @komagatamaruweek

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Announcing the round table panelists!

The Legacies of Komagata Maru: Canada’s Practices of Exclusion Round table will be moderated by professor of Film at York University, Ali Kazmi and will include Zainab Amadahy, Aaron Berhane, Davina Bhandar, Tings Chak, Evelyn Encalada, Harini Sivalingam (more TBA).

The round table promises to be a rich discussion across multiple areas of research and activism! Join us on Feb 27, 5:30 in 305 Founders Hall.

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This hostile we…

This hostile welcome to the migrants of the Sun Sea and Ocean Lady draws on a long history in Canada of turning away people in need. In 1914, the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver with 376 Indian passengers. One newspaper headline read “Hindu invaders now in Vancouver harbour.” (Most of the refugees were Sikh.) They were forbidden from disembarking. The passengers were detained on board for two months until the ship was finally forced to leave. Upon their return to India, British soldiers killed 20 of the passengers.

Fathima Cader (2011). Tamil, Tiger, Terrorist? Briarpatch Magazine http://briarpatchmagazine.com/articles/view/tamil-tiger-terrorist

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USAY and SARG commemorate 100 years since KM

Hello friends,

2014 marks 100 years since the Komagata Maru was turned away from Canadian shores as part of the consolidation of Canada as a white settler society.  We at USAY and SARG have collaborated and put together a series of events on February 27, 2014 at York University to remember this centenary and think through its legacies.  We hope you can join us at one or all of the 3 events we have planned.

  1. “Irregular” Arrival – Human art installation, demonstration, and performance
  2. The Komagata Maru, Anticoloniality, and the Itinerant Politics of Indigeneity – A talk by Renisa Mawani
  3. Legacies of Komagata Maru: Canada’s Practices of Exclusion – a roundtable moderated by Ali Kazmi

Hope you will join us.

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